Friday, 9 March 2018

Wigan Flashes

We had a very sudden and thick snowfall followed by a very quick thaw, so off I went to Wigan Flashes at Poolstock before it all disappeared!
In some places, the snow made the still water look milky, and on Scotmans Flash, the gentle wave motion created ripples in the snow on the surface!

Fuji XT2, Fuji 50-140mm lens

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snowy Media City

Josie and I visited Media City and the IWM North, mainly to see the new 'There But Not There' WW1 Installation, but unfortunately it wasn't there! (HaHa)

The day changed rapidly from bright Winter Sun to complete whiteout, so I grabbed what images I could without getting too much snow on the lens!

The whole area is a wonderful place for photography, so even in 'challenging' conditions, I loved it!!

Fuji XT2, Fuji 10-24mm lens.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Derwentwater Snowy Scenes

My wonderful sister treated me to a Light and Land Photography Course in the Lake District for my 60th Birthday.

Although the main theme of the Course was Multiple Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement, on the first morning we were treated to a Winter Wonderland right outside the Hotel, and the group set off before dawn to explore the area of Manesty where the River Derwent flows into Derwentwater.

I was carrying my Sony RX100Mk2 as a 'snap' camera, and these are the results. Some I have processed to Black and White for stark effect, and others I have left in the Powder Blue Hue that prevailed in the dawn light.

Manesty Snow Trees

Borrowdale Valley Snow
Crossing the River
Manesty Rookery
The Dawn Patrol
Derwent Bridge
Derwentwater Edge
Snowy Derwent Scene
Crossing The Bridge
Derwent Tones
Snow Cross
Borrowdale Hotel View
Snow-Tipped Grasses
Stark Snowy Tree
Manesty Boardwalk

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Johnson's Hillock Open Day

The stretch of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal North of Chorley is having new Lock gates fitted on various sections of the Johnson's Hillock rises, 7 locks in all.

The Canal and River Trust had a very informative Open Day to give people a chance to get up close to the locks and see the work that goes into the maintenance of the canal.

Fuji XT20, Fuji 18-55mm lens.