Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kings Moss Acros

The Fuji XT2 has a film simulation called Acros which was developed to bring out detail and texture in images in Black and White.

I used the setting in Kings Moss this afternoon to accentuate the dark clouds and bring out the crisp highlights that the fleeting Sun was throwing on the wheat fields!

Trees Horizon Clouds

Wheat Clouds Buildup

Six Second Blow

Trees Clouds Horizon

Blowing In The Wind

Wheat Lines Horizon

Trees Horizon Gap

Wheat Lines

Friday, 28 July 2017

Scarth Hill Mission

We have driven past this small church on many occasions on the way to Ormskirk and Southport, but as it has grown more and more dilapidated in recent years, I decided that it was time to take some photos before it gets completely overgrown or falls down!

Scarth Hill Mission was opened by the Bishop of Liverpool in July 1896 to serve the people of Ormskirk and Bickerstaffe, and closed in 1975 due to dwindling numbers. It has been offered for sale as a property to be developed as a home but never sold.

It is boarded up so I couldn't gain access to the interior.

Fuji XT2, Fuji 10-24mm lens.

Entrance pathway overgrown

Door and Roses
Entrance View in BW
Overgrown Garden looking up to Belltower
Mission in a blue sky
View from the pathway wall BW

Stained Glass Windows overgrown

Gate and Church
Church handle missing BW

Church and blue sky

View from Poppy Lane to the rear

Overgrown gardens view BW

Friday, 14 July 2017

Island Dam, Billinge

I went for a stroll among the flora and fauna around Island Dam at the top of Winstanley and Billinge on bright and breezy Friday afternoon.

There are plenty of Wheat fields in varying states of readiness and fields full of insects and animals.

Fuji XT2, 50-230mm Fuji lens.

Billinge Hill Wheatfield View

Male Damselfly

Dig A Pony (looks like a Beatle)

Meadow Brown Butterfly


Ripening Berries

Drying Stalks

Still Green

Thistle and Hoverfly

Waving Wheat

Rooftop Wheatfield View

Winter Hill Wheatfield View

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sports Action, Saturday Club Cricket.

Something a bit different, testing out the continuous focus and tracking abilities on sports action with the Fuji XT2 with one of my zoom lenses, the slightly less refined XC50-230mm lens, (the XF55-200mm is the prime in this class).

I'm pleased to say that most of the time it is very good indeed, following moving subjects accurately, focussing quickly and locking on until the shutter is pressed.

I'd love to try with the Fuji XF100-400mm lens soon, to get even closer to the action with an even faster lens!

Highfield CC vs Orrell Red Triangle CC at St Matthews Cricket Club, Wigan.

The next 3 images show the speed and autofocus capabilities on High Burst Shooting.